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Our Solutions

RainDance offers clients 3 solutions to investing:

Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs)

AMCs provide a simple, cost-effective vehicle with greater efficiency given the flexibility afforded in it being tradeable. AMCs also provide a more tax efficient vehicle (similar to traditional Funds or Unit Trusts) as re-balances and re-allocations do not create a taxable event. They are suitable for both retail and institutional clients who are comfortable to allow full discretion to the investment manager and in contrast to their Fund or Unit Trust counterparts, AMCs allow us to significantly reduce set-up costs and pass this benefit on to our clients.

Our maiden AMC portfolio, the RainDance Rooted Growth Equity Portfolio is a full-discretion, SA-only equity mandate, reflecting an actively managed basket of securities, returning to investors the performance of the basket (after fees).


Segregated 'Bespoke' Portfolios

This approach allows us to offer clients a more flexible and bespoke solution to managing their portfolio. Whether you are comfortable to allow us to manage your funds with full discretion, or you would prefer greater input into ensuring you are invested alongside your objectives, principles and values through leveraging our Research Centre for the latest developments in Sustainability, this is the solution for you. Given this approach, our minimum portfolio size is greater than what is required under AMCs and potentially better suited to institutional clients and family offices.

Our Segregated Portfolio strategy is available to accept client funds, where our minimum portfolio size for this product category is R10 000 000 (ten million rand).


Sustainability Research

As was described in the establishment of the IASB’s International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in 2001, the goal was aimed at harmonising accounting standards between different countries. Before then, as an example, companies based in the US reported their property and plant on historical cost, whereas UK companies were allowed to revalue their property and plant. One can imagine the difficulty in making peer comparisons of companies operating in different countries, arguably reducing the quality of investment decisions made at the time.

Finally, sustainability standards are undergoing a similar evolution. RainDance is a member of the IFRS Sustainability Alliance, a global membership programme for sustainability standards offering curated insights on the integration of sustainability factors into investment processes. As a member, we receive tools to advance our understanding of the IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards, including: The SASB Standards, The Integrated Reporting Framework, and Integrated Thinking Principles

Aside from being the backbone of our internal investment process, our Research Centre also offers commissioned industry sustainability research.

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